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    We have brought to you our dry lining insulation services to give you a warmer and comfortable house for living. Professional contractors of Urban Build have gained mastery in providing different types of insulation services at competitive prices.

    Insulating the walls of the houses either at internal or external side is a wonderful way to prevent heat loss. That is why we here manufacture quality dry lining products to satisfy you with long-lasting results.

    Why Should You Opt for Insulation?

    By opting for insulating your house, you can greatly minimize the consumption of energy. At the same time, it will reduce your fuel bills and harmful emission of CO2. To enjoy living in a safe environment, select the best insulation for your existing or new house. By contacting us, you will be able to choose from the plenitude of branded products that will meet your requirements completely.

    Our team is renowned among the clients for offering the following insulation services.

    • Attic Insulation: Our contractors of attic insulation give comprehensive services by creating a warmer atmosphere inside the house. Because of their effort and the right use of the technology, you can expect to lose almost 35% of the house’ heat through it. After the insulation job, we apply quality paints to the interior and exterior walls of the house to give it a stylish and unique appearance. If you seek our assistance, we can assure you that once the work is accomplished, there will be no pipe-related problems in the attic during the winter months.
    • Cavity Wall Insulation: Cavity wall insulation is one of the most significant services as through this wall, most of the heat goes out. Across Ireland, our pool of experts works to prevent the condensation of moisture on the surface of the cavity walls. By doing so, they make certain that the energy consumption is reduced considerably that will ultimately leave impact upon the utility bills. To give you the promised outcome, we listen to the requirements of the clients face to face and then survey their house or flat. Once we are done with it, free price estimation is given. It is only after getting the clients’ permission, our employees begin working on it.
    • Roof Insulation: We are efficient in providing in all three kinds of roof insulation services- rafter insulation, ceiling level insulation, and flatroof insulation. However, the second one is a time-saving process. In rafter insulation, we create a warm space by fitting the insulation between the roof’s rafters. However, this process is costly as compared to its other two types. A ceiling level insulation is provided to you by our contractors by laying insulation across the floor of the attic. Our experts do flat roof insulation mostly by using new slabs of plasterboards for installing the insulation.
    • Floor Insulation: We maintain the industry standards while delivering you a floor insulation service. From concrete floor insulation to floor joists, we have excelled in handling everything concerning it. Are you planning to add extra insulation to your floors? In that case, you will require permission from LPA or Local Planning Authority. However, our installers can arrange this on your behalf. We advice our clients to insulate all the spaces that lie above unheated floors like that of a garage.

    We install proper barriers of vapour within the insulated layers at the right position to prevent the growth of mould and dampness. Moreover, our team can give you suggestions regarding what kind of insulation will be suitable for your house. After plastering, we re-fit different fittings and accessories like curtain rails, window boards, etc. 


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