• Floor Sanding and Installation Specialists

    Urban Build is a team of flooring experts in Dublin, Ireland. Here, initially, we create a comprehensive preparation regime for your floor. This regime includes everything- from levelling to priming. In this way, we ensure the clients that their floors are completely ready to carry out all kinds of quality materials fitting.

    However, before taking a single step in our job, we seek your permission. From measurements to installations, we are responsible to be with you at every moment. Our years of experience in this industry have contributed a lot to the name and fame that we’re enjoying presently.

    We have included the following in our flooring Dublin services.

    • Commercial Carpet Fitting: Our huge range of carpet tiles and broadloom carpets are functional and affordable. Pick the one from our carpet samples. Each of them is designed in a way that it will fit recreational centres, offices, and churches.
    • Laminate Flooring: When it comes to laminate flooring, we use only the high quality floorboards. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to solid wood, we will recommend you to go for our laminated floors. This is, in fact, a durable and easy-to-clean option for you. Though it will have a wood-like appearance, yet you are free to choose the wooden colour that appeals to you the most.
    • Vinyl Flooring: Getting the desired pattern and colour is not impossible in vinyl flooring. For areas like shops, offices, and showrooms, an effective vinyl flooring solution is the splendid vinyl tiles. In case, you’re confused about the selection, consider our suggestions.
    • Hardwood Flooring: Installation of the hardwood floors is not an easy job. Our craftsmen have handled several hardwood flooring in residents, industries, retail centres, and offices. Prior to floor levelling, we visit your house to perform a survey. After surveying thoroughly, free price estimation is provided to you. The work begins only after fulfilling those formalities.
    • Installation of Wood Floor: While working on wood flooring, we combine synthetic and solid woods. Most of the times, our professionals place the synthetic floors below the solid wood layer. As such, it looks similar to the plain wooden floors. To ensure its evenness and lustre, special attention is paid by us during its setting. Depending on your selection, whether it can be varnished or sanded will be determined.
    • Parquet Flooring: One of the distinctive features of parquet floors is its herring bone pattern. A great majority of our clients avail our parquet flooring to enhance the personality of your house and office. We use a special technique in its installation. Involvement of the technique has enabled us to minimize the time to a great extent. Apart from installing, we can also help you in reclaiming it from your old house and redevelop it so as to be used in future.

    All the works mentioned above are carried out under the supervision of three directors of our company. Including diamond grinding, floor scrabbling, and shot blasting, our personnel are efficient in giving you the right solution related to flooring.

    How to Know Which Floor Type Will Be the Best

    Whereas wood-tone and colour choices vary from one person to another, counting on the structural considerations is important. Till date, Urban Build has helped numerous clients in taking the right decision. Our suggestions will be based mainly on the practicality and appeal.

    By contacting world-class manufacturers, we promise you to hand-over a house whose floor will definitely attract the visitors’ attention. Our dynamic customer support is accessible throughout the day. If you have any queries, just give us a call. We will get back to you within a quick turnaround time. 


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