• Experienced Retail Display, Shopfitting & Commercial Interiors Specialist

    Situated in Dublin, we are one of the leading shop fitting companies. By providing a complete fitting service in various sectors like general retail, pharmacy, hardware, restaurants and bars,  food and non-food, we have made a strong clientele base.

    The in-house cutting-edge technologies and tools that we use have enabled us to control every aspect of the projects efficiently. Our designers combine 3D with AutoCAD software to create one off display part. Skills coupled with commitment to clients have played a major role in increasing our brand’s awareness.

    How We Can Help You in Shop-fitting Services

    To help you in shop-fitting, we believe in constant updating of knowledge. Firstly, our team will listen with patience what you exactly need. Understanding your requirements is essential for us to deliver your desired result.

    Having a sustainable relationship with your customers is the key to expand your business. For that, you need to work on your store as it reflects your brand’s power. By utilizing each inch of the available space, we can transform it to give it a more professional look. Our highly trained fit out sub-contractors guarantees minimum downtime. With ‘concept to completion’ approach, we satisfy our customers with the best materials and finest finishes. Our wide range of classic design options are sure to give you the retail outlet you have always dreamt of.

    Our shop fitters have achieved mastery in giving you the following services. Check it out.

    • Planning and Designing: Demonstrating creativity, our designers plan innovative designs for your store. While discussing our plans and designs with you, a free price quotation will be given. Once you give permission, we will show you how your available space will be maximized. Optimization of the layout will be done by our installation and production team flawlessly. In our store fit service, you can expect to get assistance in shop front & signage, suspended ceilings, shop fitting, and others.
    • Installation: By collaborating with the designer team closely, we give all our effort in matching the ambiance and image of the brand with the objectives of your business. Our comprehensive range of installation service encompasses shop fitting supplies, custom fittings, joinery services, in-house design technology, and many others. Trained installation crews of Urban Build give bespoke solutions that will accelerate your ongoing sales.
    • Kitchen Fitters: Are you hunting for an independent kitchen fitter? Our kitchen fitters Dublin are there to aid you in every step. Providing you traditional or contemporary kitchen with quality cabinets is not a tough job for us. We have delivered many of our clients across Ireland hand painted kitchens. We also offer plumbing and electrical services. Impressive interior designs of our clients’ kitchens at a competitive price have compelled them to recommend our services again and again.
    • Precision Manufacturing: Using CNC manufacturing techniques, we maintain consistency in quality. It also enables us to create accuracy in the produced result. With the help of edge banders and CNC machines, our personnel can cooperate with our architects and designers. We combine our joinery skills with the latest technology to give you outstanding finishes even in the most complex designs.

    Apart from the services mentioned above, our team has also earned reputation in global sourcing of shop fronts, heating and venting, flooring, ceilings, fabrics and finishes, furniture and fitting. Whatever the project is, we are efficient in working together or separately to minimize and streamline the overall cost. From small to large businesses, we can give you a ‘Snag free’ job so that you can commence trading instantly after the completion of the task.

    To know more about our services, feel free to contact us. 


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